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Neostech, a prosperous Video surveillance brand developing high-class
CCTV cameras and new generation Digital Surveillance Systems,
was established In August 2004.
In the video surveillance systems industry, we are known for our customer
support, and the ability to develop best-quality and stable video surveillance
systems for the most demanding video surveillance application.
At the end of 2003, we started development of cctv camera modules.
With the best staff and substantial technology, we are walking at the head
of development of the updated technology.
Also, we are doing our best to make a prior occupation in global video surveillance systems market.
NEOSTECH Team is comprised of professional engineers, business administrators and technical sales r
epresentatives in Korea. We have small company drive and big company quality with a global reach that can
respond to surveillance projects anywhere in the world, overnight or on-line.
Customer Service
NEOSTECH takes great pride in its customer service. Our experienced technical support engineers can answer
all your technical questions. With our dedicated customer service representatives, we guarantee prompt
response to all RMA inquires. We guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers. Our success relies
on your success.
NEOSTECH has specialized in cctv camera since 2003. We provide a full range of cctv cameras.
With our dedication to new technology, NEOSTCH has earned its leadership in the video surveillance industry.
As your one-stop video surveillance apparatus supplier, NEOSTECH offers the complete solution to digital
observation systems With our high technology and customer service, NEOSTECH is able to offer you competitive
pricing, fast leadtime, promotion program.

Lastly we know that customers are always right. We will make to efforts to listen to customers' advice which
will be reflected to make better products and to be a leading cctv company.

We hope that you enjoy looking at present and future of NEOSTCH
Thank you.